When you visit Farwest Nepal, you will not see big cities but travel among hills, valleys and rice fields from village to village. Here, you can absorb the atmosphere of rural life and actually meet the locals. Farwest Nepal’s population and culture is not the same everywhere. While the north and the high Himalayas are influenced by Tibetan culture, you will meet mostly Hindu people in the Middle Hills. People of the Middle Hills have also migrated to the fertile Terai region. However, the Terai is still inhabited and characterized by its original residents, the Tharu people.

The Tharu communities near Dhangadhi welcome visitors who are interested in their traditions. On a bicycle tour around the villages, you can enjoy the simplicity of the life of a farming community. On special occasions, traditional dances are performed and you can experience the rhythms of the Madal, a local musical instrument. You may observe the production of this instrument in a nearby workshop or witness a group of women working on the famous Tharu handicrafts. They are specialized in woven baskets and textiles.

Tharu culture is also defined by a distinct religion and a deeply rooted belief in shamanism. If you are interested, you can see the Tharu Shaman at work and even get cleansed by him.

The villages can be easily reached from Dhangadhi by cycle or rishaw. We are happy to help you organizing a visit, whether it is for one afternoon, a whole day including lunch or an overnight stay in a village.