The Far West is a region with a diverse wild-life, picturesque landscapes and rich cultural traditions. Here are some tips tor travellers visiting the region. Tourism Development Society (TDS) hopes these will be useful to visitors.

TDS stands for sustainable tourism. Its efforts are focused on conserving the natural environment and cultural heritage of the region. As a traveller, you also can make a difference by supporting sustainable initiatives at the local level.

By following these tips, you will not only easily find a common language with local people, but also help us in preserving these destinations.

Tips on Preserving and Protecting the Environment

  • Bottles, cans, plastic materials and cigarette butts – apart from being unsightly – can be deadly to wild animals. Do not leave your trash laying around! Take your litter home with you!
  • Recycling facilities are extremely limited in Nepal. Avoid buying goods and products with plastic packaging!
  • While trekking, use the existing trails. Leaving the trails can lead to harmful environmental impacts such as soil erosion.
  • Do not pluck flowers or damage plants or their branches, and do not step on them!
  • Take safety precautions when lighting up fire. Be careful with matches and unextinguished cigarettes butts!
  • Most villages lack a sewer system. Use soaps and shampoos sparingly while washing and showering.
  • While camping on river banks or other water sources, dispose waste water as far from them as possible.
  • Wildlife is protected by law. Do not hunt.
  • You can use binoculars to watch birds or observe animals. Always keep a reasonable distance from animals to avoid disturbing them. Do not feed animals.
  • Do not purchase any animal, plant or product made from animals and plants on the threatened or endangered species list. Do not accept them as gift items.

Tips on Society and Culture

  • Always remember to remove your shoes from your feet before entering a Nepali home, temple, or stupa.
  • Dress appropriately. Women should avoid wearing skimpy outfits.
  • If you would like to enter a Hindu temple, you should seek permission from the temple authorities. Also remember that leather articles are prohibited inside the temple area.
  • Walking around temples or stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person to be photographed.
  • Develop a genuine interest in meeting and talking to people. Respect their local customs.

Tips on Economy

  • Consider buying locally made crafts and other products, and support local entrepreneurship.
  • Try local foods and specialties. By eating locally produced foods, you are helping local farmers as well as contributing to the local economy.