Farwest Nepal is the best destination to explore the exotic wildlife of the country. The Terai in the south is covered with dense sub-tropical forests while the northern part of the region is characterized by mountain climate and temperate deciduous forests. With climatic conditions and vegetation being so varied, Farwest also beholds diverse and spectacular wildlife. The Farwestern Terai is teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Here you can find some of the most exciting jungle safari destinations of the Indian subcontinent. Whether you take a four-wheeler inside the forest or explore the jungle on foot – your wildlife experience will be close-up and personal. Farwest’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and Bardia National Park are home to some rare and endangered wildlife species. The one-horned rhino and royal Bengal tiger prowl in the dense forest of Terai. It is only in Farwest Nepal that you can follow the Tiger’s tracks on foot and eventually spot one! Also you will be likely to see four-horned antelopes, striped hyenas and impressive herds of swamp deer. The fauna in the rivers and wetlands is just as exciting: the Gharial crocodile and the rare Gangetic dolphins can be spotted here.

If you prefer to explore the mountainous region you will also have good chances to see rare animal species. Api Nampa Conservation Area, for example, is home to snow leopards and in Rara National Park you might spot a red panda. Wherever you go in Farwest, the natural environment is still intact here and thus bursting with wildlife.