Village tours and cultural experiences

Far West Nepal is home to very colorful and vivid cultures. The Raute tribe in the Far West still lives on hunting and gathering, moving from place to place. Visitors can see and experience the unique Tharu culture in the Terai, Hindu culture in the mid-mountains and Tibetan culture in the northern part of the Far Western Region.

On the Tharu Village Tours, you have the opportunity to experience Nepalese rural life, whilst enjoying wonderful flatland landscapes. There is a range of activities that are both informative and exciting! Exploring the surrounding villages on foot or by bullock cart is one of the best ways to experience rural life in Nepal and absorb the simplicity of a farming community. In addition, you can enjoy the rhythms of the madal (musical instrument), watch the unique ethnic dances or even join the dancers. In the village, you can visit a small workshop that makes local music instruments. A deeply rooted belief in shamanism still exists in the Tharu villages today. If you are interested in seeing the Tharu Shaman at work and maybe even getting cleansed by him, a Tharu village is worth a visit! 

The Far West Region is sometimes called the Doti region. Some believe this word originated from ‘Dovati’, meaning “the land between two rivers”. Others, however, believe that it originated from the Hindu god Dev and the word aatavi, which means “the place of re-creation”. The fascinating history of Doti goes back to the 13th century when Niranjan Malldeo founded the Doti Kingdom, following the fall of Karyuris Kingdom. Here, visitors can experience a taste of what trekking must have been like when Nepal first opened up to the world beyond its borders!