TDS at TTF – 2015, New Delhi, India 

The Tourism Development Society (TDS) participated in Travel & Tourism Fair – 2015 (TTF-2015), India’s largest travel trade show network, in New Delhi.  For three days during the event, February 10-12, TDS offered the best representation of the attractions in the Far-West region of Nepal as well as new tourism products to the tourism businesses from India.

At the TTF 2015, the Far-West Nepal won the “the Most Promising New Destination” award. The prize was given on the concluding day of the Fair.

Mr Ashish Chaudhary, the TDS communication officer, who participated in the event, said, “The busy stall on the Far-West Nepal was a proof of the great interest in unexplored attractions of our region! “

According to national statistics, as many as 165,815 Indian tourists visit Nepal annually, far more than from any other country. The Far-West region of Nepal is located in a geographically advantaged area, bordering the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand that share some of the cultural and natural affinities with Nepal.  These states have some of the important tourist destinations of India, such as the hill station of Nainital, the Jim Corbett National Park, and Dudhwa National Park.  Such tourist destinations extend to the Nepal side of the border, and the Far-West region offers attractions such as the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, the Khaptad National Park, Api Nampa Conservation Area, and others.

A major outcome of Nepal’s participation in the Fair was the understanding reached between TDS and tourism stakeholders in New Delhi on collaborating to promote tourism in the Far-West region. Deepak Adhikari, the manager of TDS, said, “We found a common interest and intention with our Indian colleagues in developing a variety of transboundary tourist products, which could address different market segments.”  The two sides have agreed to organise, in the near future, a Transboundary Tourism Forum as a way to discuss and deepen cooperation. The forum is supposed to give an incentive to the development and enhancement of tourism cooperation, focused on presenting tourism opportunities of bordering regions of Nepal and India to the tourism businesses.

Adhikari said that the different meetings and exchanges of opinions between the two sides helped to show that the Far-West Nepal has the potential s of growth and to benefit the Indian corporate tourism sector. Currently, the main choices of destinations for the Indian corporate tourism businesses are the locations in the vicinities of Uttarakhand and Himanchal Pradesh.  The Far-West region of Nepal holds comparatively better advantage thanks to the region’s closeness to the metropolitan Indian cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Bareli and Dehradun. Tourism facilities near the main attractions in Nepal, such as the Bardia National Park and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, are perfect locations with capacities of more than 500 beds.

On behalf of TDS, “the Most Promising New Destination” award was received by Mr Sanjay K Chaudhary, TDS general secretary and Mr Kirshna B. Mahara, the TDS president. Mr Chaudhary and Mr Mahara stated that they proudly welcome guests in Nepal’s most vibrant and responsible tourist destination that is really ready to cater to them the world’s yet not experienced adventure, blended with untouched medieval cultures. The TDS officials observed that it was really a proud moment for them and for all the people in the region that the Far-West was declared a winner during the ceremony in New Delhi where more than 100 dignitaries and delegates from the travel and tourism industry of India participated