This festival “mela, mahotsav” is happening every year mostly on month of December. And this time it is happening on 22nd Manshir, 2073 B.S (8th December 2016) to 2nd Pouse 2073 B.S (17th December.2016). It is happening in dhangadi.

The main attractions in this mahotsavs are concerts, dancing programs and various stalls,fun amusement park featuring simple roller costar, thrill rides, and family attractions. Generally, people put foods, local products like pickles “achar” ,honey, handicrafts, handmade clothes etc.

Usually corporate use this type of festivals for their products marketing as well. They may use as trade fair marketing their products like motor bike, cars, or other machinery products etc.

Basically people from far west and internal and external tourist come to this mahotsav. It contains importance to far western people.