Tourism Development Society

Established in August 2012, Tourism Development Society is a young Destination Management Organization, which promotes sustainable and responsible tourism development in the Far Western region of Nepal to achieve the well-being of local communities and to conserve the fragile environment. Developing the Far West as a touristic area, also presents an opportunity to increase the income and employment opportunities for local people, which will eventually lead to a socially-balanced economic growth.

OUR VISION is to develop Far West Nepal as a globally recognized destination for responsible tourism.
OUR MISSION is to develop sustainable tourism in Far West Nepal for economic development, while prereserving the environment and culture. This will be achieved through awareness, quality improvement, marketing and networking.

We believe that the education of local communities, sharing information and cooperation among stakeholders will generate a cohesive programme of awareness in order to better estimate the tourism industry as a whole. The programme includes seminars and different media campaigns designed to raise awareness and understanding on the importance of tourism to the local economy among members of the public, media, stakeholders and opinion leaders.

Quality Improvement
In order to improve the quality of the services provided in the region, T.D.S. members attend professional training courses. These programs focus on various issues such as running a home stay, environmental care, marketing and business management. To ensure quality, T.D.S. is working on internal standardization of these services and of tourist products.

The main goal of T.D.S. is to develop a brand of sustainable tourism in the region, which is adapted to local society, culture and the fragile environment. T.D.S.’ work focuses on the marketing of tourism products from the region, providing accurate information about the main attractions, itineraries and possible packages. Tourism businesses from the region have the opportunity to be marketed and promoted as part of our local, regional, national and international marketing campaigns.
We currently also operate a Tourist Information Center in Dhangadhi.

Based in Dhangadhi, T.D.S. works in nine districts in the Far West Region as well as in three districts of the Mid-West Region. Today, 9 Tourism Action Groups of T.D.S. comprise 213 professionals in the tourism sector, due to an attractive membership policy and active engagement in the region. To devise a local tourism action plan for the area, T.D.S. tries to bring together the local tourism industry group representatives, districts, VDC or town authorities, the Chamber of Commerce, industries and other active resident groups.

Current Members