Weekend-trip to Dadeldhura

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Dadeldhura is a four hour bus or mini-van drive away from Dhangadhi and lays picturesque in the middle hills of Farwest Nepal. It is still hard to find information on the internet – but this should not hold you back to discover this inspiring place in the hilly area of Farwest Nepal!

Dadeldhura, Western Himalayas, Farwest Nepal

The town in the middle hills of Farwest Nepal is not very big, colorful houses in every size spread over an area of hills in an elevation of about 1,300 meters. That means: fresh and clean air to breathe and clear your mind. Once you arrive at the bus park during the day, the first breathtaking view over the Western Himalayas will let you forget about the winding and adventurous bus drive. A number of hotels and guest houses await you with clean and comfortable rooms, delicious Nepali food as well as warm and welcoming smiles.

You will be drawn into the calm mountain life once you make your way out of your hotel in the morning. Try to get up before sunrise and catch a spot on one of the many roof terraces. When the sun rises in the east and the white Himalayan giants get more and more visible in the north, this is the moment to just breathe and be. Let the sunshine right inside your smile…

Sunrise in Dadeldhura

With a small backpack, carrying water and some snacks, you are all set for a reviving hike – for example down to Ajaymerukot, a “mystical place” as even the locals call it. From the very top and south end of Dadeldhura, you find a large and flat plateau where the trek starts into the valley to the north. Natural beauty will surround you for the next hours, starting in a high pine forest merging into a broadleaf and verdant vegetation and finally into golden brown banking. Crossing the suspension bridge down in the valley will let your heart beat higher and lead you to the small settlement Ajaymerukot – or to further hikes in the surrounding hills.

Ajaymerukot, Dadeldhura, Western Himalayas, Hilly Area Nepal, Farwest Nepal
Ajaymerukot Valley

To satisfy the desire of getting closer and closer to the breathtaking peaks of the Western Himalayas, you can take a 1,5 hours bus ride to Khodpe the next day. Khodpe is a very small Bazaar and lies lovely imbedded on top of a mountain range north from Dadeldhura. Let your heart decide which place to go – you will find nice hiking trails all over the place and even more spots where you can enjoy the incredible view. You will become a witness of time passing even though you are doing nothing except staring to the north and being overwhelmed by the stupefying dimension of the mystical Himalayas. Try some Veg or Egg Pakoda or Samosa in one of the local shops before you return to your hotel in Dadeldhura and let the wonderful experiences and impressions fade on your balcony with a lemon tea.

Western Himalayas, Khodpe, Farwest Nepal, Dadeldhura
Incredible view to the Western Himalayas in Khodpe

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