Visit Nepal 2017

Posted By: FarwestNepal

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) launched a program to promote Nepal in Europe 2017 with the slogan “Visit Nepal-Europe Campaign 2017” which aims to uplift/increase the number of tourists from European counties by 30 to 40 percent as compare to 2016.

To make the campaign success, NTB will collaborated with Nepal missions in Europe, Nepali Diaspora and travel and tour operators in Europe. NTB has decided to promote the campaign “Visit Nepal-Europe Campaign 2017” in different European nation like Ireland, Belgium, Russia, Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. NTB has been planning to officially launch the campaign in London in March 2017.

NTB has designed some program under this campaign to promote Nepal tourism like photo exhibition, talk on mountaineering, “send a friend to Nepal” campaign, and tourism promotion by Nepali restaurants in Europe and training for Nepali Diaspora to promote Nepal’s tourism among others

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