Things to see in Dhangadhi

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TDS staff took a Saturday afternoon to explore Dhangadhi and its surrounding to discover what this charming corner in the Terai of Farwest Nepal has to offer.

First stop was the Tharu Homestay and Resort, a 10 minute motorbike or scooti ride south from Dhangadhi’s center, the main road. The Homestay opened just a few months ago, and we were friendly welcomed and invited inside by the owner, – NAME-. It lies beautifully embedded in rice and vegetable fields that go as far as one can see – up to the Indian border. Several comfortable rooms with double beds and attached bathrooms invite guests for a relaxing weekend within the beautiful nature of Nepal’s Terai, delicious Nepali and Tharu food and other cultural activities.


Tharu Homestay and Resort
Tharu Homestay and Resort, Dhangadhi

The next station was Jokhar Tal, or Jokhar Lake in the easter outskirts of Dhangadhi. Through a botanical garden (entrance is free), paths lead through a dense forest with all kinds of flora and fauna towards a picturesque, small lake. Even though the water does not invite for swimming, the surrounding is perfect for some deep and calming breaths in the clear and clean air. A path leads around the lake and passes several ideal places for a picnic, what so many Nepali families and friends love to do on Saturdays. A little further down the path, several treks lead into the forest where one can get even closer into the natural beauty of huge trees and verdant fauna.


Jokhar Tal (Jokhar Lake)
Jokhar Tal (Jokhar Lake), Dhangadhi

The last attraction was awaiting us at the Western end of the city: Mohana Bird Watch. Following a wooden sign just off the Main Road, the two kilometer ride is already reviving. We passed a beautiful living area where houses mix with animal sheds and rice fields in between or to the back, when soon the houses get less and the fields widen and change their color from meter to meter. The path ends at a calm river, where you immediately feel the air getting cooler and fresher from the forest around it. Don’t forget your camera – here is a perfect spot to see some birds in their nests high above in the trees. This is the perfect place for a last break to watch the sunset over the river and let the day fade away.

Mohana Bird Watch, Dhangadhi
Mohana Bird Watch, Dhangadhi

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