Tharu Women Network: Monthly Meeting Conducted in Dhangadhi

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Tourism Development Society had the chance to participate in a meeting of the Dhangadhi-based Tharu Women Network (TWN). The association was founded by a group of friends during the recession of 2008 and 2009, when times were tough and jobs hard to find. The idea behind the organization is to establish a network of financial and social security for its members and to generate new means of income through the production of traditional Nepali handicrafts in Farwest Nepal.

We spoke with Rajkumari Mahatau, Chair Woman of the organization.

Tharu Women Network in Dhangadhi


TDS: Raj, thanks for this interview. First of all, why are you having these meetings?

R.M.: Basically, we meet to discuss the financials and the products of our network. But we also use this time to socialize and exchange ideas.

TDS: Could you briefly explain what you are discussing in such a meeting?

R.M.: Well, on the one hand, each member makes her monthly deposit in the network account and if one of the women needs a credit, she receives it out of that account at a minimal interest rate of 1%. On the other hand, we talk about our products, new designs, prepare our next trade fair in Kathmandu – the Fair trade Christmas Bazar – and so on.

TDS: How often do you conduct these meetings?

R.M.: Every month, on the first Saturday according to the Nepali Calendar.

TDS: And how many women usually participate in a monthly meeting?

R.M.: Well, this time some of our members are out of town, so we’re a little less than usual. I would say that in a regular meeting we are between 15 and 20 women.

TDS: And in total, how big is your network so far?

R.M.: We are 30 women at the moment, most of which are living in Dhangadhi. But we also have eight members that work and live outside of the city.



Sat, 22nd of October 2016.

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