New homestay initiative in Maghi Village

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T.D.S. team has visited Maghi Village, which is located in neighborhood of the most important attraction in the Western Terai, Ghodaghodi Lake Area.  This protected area is famous if its 13 large and shallow lakes and ponds like Nakhrodi Lake, associated marshes and meadows. Together, they form a wetland corridor connecting Royal Bardia Nationalpark with the Royal Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

The bird watchers, culture and nature lovers coming to visit the area were missing the places to stay. Today, 14 families in the village offer cozy and authentic homestays to their guests. The Maghi Homestay Village is the best example how sustainable conservation can be ensured with sustainable livelihood approach.

T.D.S. had a conversation with Mr. Sobha Ram Chaudhary from the Maghi Homestay Village Management Committee.

T.D.S.:  How did this idea to establish homestay village come to you?

Mr. Chaudhary: For many years our village has have been involved in conservation activities organized by Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) in our area. Some of us were involved in counting the bird species or organizing logistics for visitors and researchers. As you know, Ghoadaghodi Lake is one of the most important areas for bird conservation in Nepal.  2014, our friends from BCN visited us and brought the idea of creation of homestays in our village. We were thinking: “Why not? We have already guests staying in the village, but we could do that in a more organized and better way.”  In the initial stage we got technical support from both the Terai Arc Landscape Programme and BCN.

T.D.S.: How many families are involved in this initiative?

Mr. Chaudhary: Until now we have 14 families offering rooms for guests. All families are members in the management committee. We all together are discussing and deciding about how we can improve facilities in the houses, waste management in the village as well as questions like pricing and guest distribution. Each house has one or two rooms for guests.

T.D.S.:  What kind of tourist activities can Maghi Village offer?

Mr. Chaudhary: Maghi village is a perfect combination of unique Tharu culture and natural experiences. The tourists are coming to see Ghodaghodi Lake in the Terai. We organize bird watching tours in cooperation with BCN. But our village is not far from the hills. There are various opportunities to go for short hikes in the hills we call Chure. Usually, we can organize 2-3 day-hikes with camping in the hills.  In the village our guests are always welcome to participate in our festivals getting introduced to our culture.

T.D.S.: If someone is interested to make the reservation, what would be the best way?

Mr. Chaudhary:  The guests are welcome to reach out to us by calling me, Shoba Ram (9749026283) or Man Bahadur (9749047801). Now the information about houses, rooms with pictures and rates could be found at

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