Traditional handicraft products from Dhakiya Gori

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“We are thinking of diversifying the handicraft products to offer more variety in shape and size. Sometimes people, especially the foreigners, ask us about the dyes we use, and we want to try using natural dyes, actually exactly the way our mothers and grandmothers did. We want to preserve these traditions!”  told us Shanti Chaudhary from the handicraft group Dhakiya Gori.

This Summer the new handicraft group Dhakiya Gori was established in Bangra Village (Dhangadhi Municipality of Kailali District) in the Western Terai of Nepal. Until now 15 women joined the group and represent the work of traditional Nepali handicraft.  For centuries, Tharu women have been making traditional craft products, like their famous baskets made out of Elephant Grass which is also called Sikki. It is a type of grass of golden colour which is grown in the wet and marshy area around rivers and ponds in the Terai region of Far West Nepal.


“Although the our grandmothers have been making beautiful utility products for centuries, we are aware of the choice of the customers” says Shanti Chaudhary. There is a range of new products designed to meet the demand of the market with respect to the traditional designs and shapes. The variety of product ranges from the traditional baskets to modern mobile cases.


You have a chance to choose your favorite product. You are welcome to visit our stall at the Fair Trade Christmas Bazar 2015.

December 5, 2015 | 11 am – 6 pm,

German Development Cooperation Office (GIZ), 

Sanepa, Kathmandu




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